Journal of 11/21/2019

We had a family meeting last night. Talked about therapy, if it was helpful, what people wanted to do moving forward. I mentioned to the kiddos that Joan and I have talked about doing the PCT or getting an RV and doing a year on the road. And we asked if any of them wanted to join.

No takers thus far.

But Aelora did mention to Joan that she didn’t like the idea of us being away or out of reach.

We did decide to start having family dinners on Monday nights. We started a family night when I was a professor at Sterling and Joan started grad school. We needed a night for catch-up, bonding, fun with kids, and sabbath.

We chose Friday family fun night.

Since the kids got older, moved out, got jobs, and partners, we moved to a brunch a month.

When I feel twinges of guilt, I wonder if we had regular dinners that Gabriel would still be around. But I know his path here ended 10/28 no matter the “what if”.

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