Journal of 11/26/2019

I thought about the 26th, or at least, as the day was winding down, I realized that it was another day where I didn’t sob through the day.

I texted that to Steph and she asked if that was progress.

I don’t think there is really such a thing as ‘progress’ in this. Adjacent to that is that I feel that I’ll cry as I need to, where, and when I need to. So I just noted that it was something different for that day, as compared to all others but one.

And then this morning Jim Kanady took me out for breakfast and I immediately lost it. SO far this is something about public places that really gets to me.

I cried a couple of times in the coffeeshop. Then again at the funeral chapel when i went to pick up his death certificate. Then again at the bank when I went to close his account. Oh and then once I carried his remains/urn inside. I think I take some comfort in knowing he’ll be with us for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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