Journal of 11/27/2019

Today (11/27) I talked with Jim about the kinds of people/categories of people I meet now. One type carries their own grief and sorrow. I trust them most and find that I can really only talk deeply with this group. They know through experiences the heartbreaking loss. These are truly angels.

The second group, I think, is divided into two sub-categories. They haven’t experienced losses but are truly and sincerely sorry for you. And they may even awkwardly stumble through trying to say something meaningful, but utterly fail. Because what is meaningful now? Not much. I love all of my kids, but this feels like the world’s ending. And maybe it is. At least the world I knew when Gabriel shared my air.

The sub category here is perhaps the awkward failures. All supported by genuine sincerity. 

The last group are those who turn on their heels when they see you coming or who have no adequate degree of sincerity but who mouth the words, like parrots, and say, “I’m really sorry for your loss.” These I can’t abide — at all.

I thought some more about creating a blog – “a year on. . .” to chronicle the next year without Gabriel. 

I still pray for resurrection.

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