Reflection on 12/04/2020

I’d loaded up most of October and November posts and then let the schedule run on its own. And I needed to. To re-read these journal pages would put me into fits for hours or days. I would often time-travel, mentally, right back to when I first wrote it and emotionally it felt just as raw.

So I have some backdated posts coming now and I’ll take some deep breaths and load up the next couple of months of posts.

I appreciate your attention here. Leave a comment or share with someone in grief, if you think it will be helpful for them.

2 thoughts on “Reflection on 12/04/2020”

  1. I’ve read every entry. Thank you for sharing this long dark cold winter. There is so much here and it will take the rest of your lifetime to process it, make meaning and use this pain as a force for good.

    I hope Gabriel continues to appear to you in your dreams…❤️

    1. Hello! Thank you for leaving a comment. As I’ve posted, I know some have tuned in, but I have more often felt like I was yelling into a canyon about my grief. You’re a delightful soul and I too hope he continues to populate my dreams.

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