Journal of 3/9/2020

Gabriel’s Harry Potter Themed 18th Birthday

Jenna came over last night. We talked about Gabriel and I shared with her two things that I’d found on his iPod about her. One was the reflection of a trip they’d taken to Wichita. As she read it, she said he had sent it to her after writing, except he had left off the last line – “I think I’m really falling for this girl.”

The other was a poem from a few days later. It reminded me of some of my own poetry from my high school/early college days. At first, she wasn’t sure that she was the object of the poem, then he quotes a song within it and she said they had been listening to that song as they shared favorites with each other.

I asked her what he shared as his favorite, and she said a song entitled “falling for you.” I immediately thought of Alicia Keys, but that wasn’t the name of her song, just “falling” and then I saw a song by Peachy! With that title. I’ll have to queue that up and listen to it later.

She also said she has videos of him on her phone. I long, so often, to hear his voice, I wanted to ask her to watch them. I also have questions for her about what kind of Dad I was for him. Now in some reflection, I wonder if I hurt his feelings, or didn’t see him as he grew out of childhood. 

Did I miss his becoming?

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