Journal of 10/29/19

When the cry starts in the heart

And goes down to the gut.

When it shakes my body and

The sobs curry me into C shaped until my knees meet my chest.

I find myself in what some call the fetal position.

When I emerge from my (?) bath

Tears, can I be born again?

I woke to find sorrow sitting on my bed.

Lazy sloth, he is, he crawled up,

Put his arms about my neck, and

Nuzzled my head.

Family Crest – Add Phoenix?

I keep talking into empty rooms.

To God, to gods, to you.

Ever since the day you left this earth

  • Oh right. That was today.

I know I’m in eternity with you already

That place, in that time. It’s like

The front door to the house can be red

And white separately, but forever each.

No then, no next, only now. Forever now.

And I know I’m there since there is no time,

But right now, my love for you has no pond

To pour into, so it spills over the sides. [10/15/20 “eyes”]

Say a prayer for those you see who

weepCry in public and be jealous.

Especially for those who cry quietly

And go about their day.

They have lost everything, including the

Decorum of public life.

They are free but need kind prayers to carry on.

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