Reflection on 11/02/2019 from 11/02/2020

I held this paper in my hands last year on 11/02/2019. It had brief outline for the service scheduled 11/03. Most prominent here is the “Go Vote Tuesday” because last year 11/02 was a Saturday. I have literally carried this with me for the past year and just now, tonight, took a photo to post here.

As Gabriel turned 18 August 22, he was eligible to vote for the first time 11/05/2019, but having died 10/28, he wouldn’t be able to, so I closed the service with two things: You Matter and go vote.

Gabriel wasn’t a super political person, but we did have these conversations about laws and leaders. He was no fan of the current administration. You see he had friends that spanned the spectrum of skin color. Gabriel was interested in the heart of a person more than their melanin. So like last year, I admonish you to exercise your freedom in the United States and go vote.

Please also keep in mind: You Matter.

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